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Today I didn´t really have space. Daughter (6yrs) had a headache so she was home, cranky and needy. And I had a couple fittings and a thousand and one things to do.... Second time this week I pribed her to be quiet and gave her my polymere clay -basket everytime I was with a customer...


And this is what she made. Have to admire her imagination.


The one on the left looks a bit like swan to me, but it´s actually snail.


This one´s funny, so detailed and all sparkly :)

I´m not so thrilled about polymere clay. I find it hard to combine colors and I don´t have any urge to actually learn how to make the most of it. So most of my clayjewellery is bought:


I think these are wonderful. Last year I bought several pieces but somehow couldn´t find them now... Especially liked the new bigger ones. All of these are from Aanmaa.

It´s almost 10pm and I think it´s time to go to bed. Tomorrow I have corset fitting, and I´m so excited :). Now off to bed, remember to check other creative spaces at Kristys.

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